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Joy Weddings & events


Top Weddings & Events Boutique

We are Dream Makers of Exceptional Weddings and Celebrations inspired by Fashion, Luxury Travel and Amazing Interior Design


Working internationally for stylishly minded couples who desire something out of the ordinary. 


To go beyond, to go where no one has ever dared to go and with you, the Love of your life, your Family, your Friends amazed with the greatest ovation is paramount to us


We create Outstanding LIFE lasting memorable EXPERIENCES. JOY is a brand of creating unparalleled, bold, harmonious, luxurious and memorable timeless moments born to create uniqueness, beauty and gorgeous sophisticated events. 


To plan and design a wealth of incredible memories to last a lifetime transforming your dreams into a stunning reality exported from the exquisite Ibiza style to the World


Top Worldwide Wedding Destination

The Balearic islands are some of the Top International weddings destinations


Glorious beaches, mediterranean coves and glistening waters, incredible high cuisine, performance and entertainment artists, best wedding villas, countryside venues, world class interiors and luxury worldwide hotels will make your fabulous wedding day come true beyond all expectations


Their special magic and energy will pamper your senses in an elated experience for you, your family and friends just renewing your vows, elope with the love of your life or tying the knot in front of your beloved ones who travel from faraway to celebrate your amazing day together


Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca are our sanctuary to daydream, inspire, design, conceptualize and deliver the breathtaking moments you are going to live on your wedding day. 


Endlessly inspired by these enchanting islands and its natural beauty hotspots

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Weddings and Celebrations inspired by Fashion, Luxury Travel and Amazing Interior Design



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